Cleaning boats

Syrennis boats guarantee waters free from buoyant objects, dertiness and bad smells, whereby optimizing the enjoyment of our coasts and the protection of all marine species.

Polyvalent and Multifunctional

  • They can work in all sort of waters, such as marine shallow seawaters, as well as in canals, lakes and lagoons
  • The available services they can offer include cleaning works, surveillance, support on spill gathering, beaconing works or even as supplementary loading boat.

Main Advantatges

  • Great loading capacity - up to 5 m3 / 6,54 yd3
  • Very manageable, it can turn around easily
  • Width openning when working - up to 4,2 m / 13,78 ft
  • Independent arms with four mouvements and
  • Spoon Effect system.
  • Only one crewman
  • Great autonomy - 35h working
  • Low fuel consumption-just 3.3l/h (0,87Galon/h)
  • GLP fuel option
  • Light weight - from 1.700 to 2.100kg
  • Unsinkable. Its hull boat is filled with polyurethane foam.
  • Comfortable, spacious and Self-empting covering.
  • It allows oxygenation of the water surface in canals and ports.


The floating waste pick-up is made thanks to the frontal mouths. These mouths capture every object while the boat is sailing.

The mouths are made of a stainless steel tube frame and two bags of 2m3 of capacity that filter the water; the waste, the algae and the sargassum remain inside. The mouths are independent. When they are open, the working width is 4,2m.

The mouths are linked to the articulated arms that make the coordination movements to allow opening the mouths quickly and perfectly.

The normal speed while working is 2 knots.

When the bags are full, it is easy to load them up to the deck and they can be automatically empty in the containers (no crewman needed).

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